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See an HWC provider through your computer, tablet, or cell phone!

For established patients only.

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The Health and Wellness Center - Virtual Visit

Virtual Visits

Getting Started

Download the VSee Clinic app on your phone or tablet. You can also visit and click the Services dropdown menu. Then select the Virtual Visits link.

Scheduling an Appointment

Call 18006409741 and request a virtual visit. The Patient Access Center Representative will schedule the appointment and provide the checkin time and the appointment time.

Conducting the Appointment

Click the VSee Clinic app icon on your device and enter the room code (shown below). Fill in the required fields. Check the box at the bottom to give consent and click ENTER WAITING ROOM to

Click button below on a PC or Laptop for web-based website for Telemedicine Services.

Below are a list of Waiting Room Codes

(Code – Service Function)

  • THWC – Medical Services
  • THWCBH – Behavioral Health Services
  • THWCOAKS – Oaks Counseling Services
  • THWCPSY – Psychiatric Services

Please use the appropriate code for the line of service you are using. • (800) 6409741


Please use the appropriate code for the line of service being connected to.