The Health and Wellness Center - Patient Portal

Patient Portal

& Pre-Registration

Engage in your healthcare using the Health & Wellness Center’s patient portal. This portal is designed to provide patients with a method of Secure Messaging between the patient and provider, a location to review information in the patient chart including (Lab, Medications and Allergies), view upcoming appointments and see your balance. Patients over 18 can request to view their own records and, where appropriate, their family members (in the case of children or care givers).

To enroll, please reach out to one of our staff members. The member will require a valid email address to which the invitation can be sent. This link will take patients to the current secure portal.

The health center now also offers a Pre-Registration option for patient appointments. This option allows patients complete Registration paperwork from the comfort and privacy of their own home within 2 days of their scheduled appointment.